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Anonymous: what ever happened with the american apparel thing?

hey! i went in to the factory head quarters a couple weeks ago and did a test shoot with the photographer i met before, he said i was great and i killed it but he might not be able to use me for american apparel because i have so many piercings and so much jewelry that is nonremovable that they aren’t allowed to show in their photos so he said he’d shoot me an email sometime in the coming weeks but ya know if nothing happens easy come easy go and it was a cool experience


I’ll go dancing with the skeletons in your closet I’ll kiss away your nightmares I’ll hold your hand through the worst conversations I will love you until you no longer understand how you ever could have hated or feared anything about yourself. My arms will always ache to hold you when you cry and…

5nikt: have u been to the garden isle?

it’s pure and simple paradise, can’t wait to go back this summer

Anonymous: What do you do to have such a flat tummy?

I eat oatmeal and kale and carrots and spinach and strawberries and bananas and mango and apricots and Greek yogurt and drink tons of water and walk miles and miles up and downhill everyday and some days my tummy winds up being really flat and some days it doesn’t but ya know I love it either way it’s my body and it’s holding all these organs for me and it digests all the chocolate macadamia nuts I eat and it looks good in dresses and that all makes me happy. Yeah I am kinda on the skinny side of bodies, but I’ve gotten myself to the point where that doesn’t matter so much. Some days I just eat mochi ice cream and I watch game of thrones in bed and I wake up the next day weighing a little more and I keep right on loving my body because it is the machine that gets me through everyday and I’ve done some fun stuff with it recently

Anonymous: I had a feeling you were going to be just another white girl at Coachella wearing a bindi :/

oh boy. Friend I’m really genuinely sorry you think this about me because it’s honestly quite upsetting. I wore silver, sparkly, non religious face stickers for every day of the festival and for a couple of hours on the last day had a star placed on my forehead. I had no intention of mimicking the symbolism of the third eye or infringing on the culture and religion of Hinduism. I really do not count myself as just another white girl because social justice issues and learning and caring about cultural appropriation have been deeply important to me since I was probably 12 or 13, and also I am japanese. Also, I was in no way intending my star sticker to stand in as a bindi, but I would also like to be on record as saying that I am fairly informed about the actual significance of wearing bindis. I am a non religious individual who is spiritual and respects the inner potential for enlightenment that I and every other person carried within me. I have spent my whole life trying to be sensitive, respectful, and compassionate and I’m sorry if a couple of photos destroyed your respect for me, but honestly you must not have known me that well in the first place

Anonymous: The alexander wang/H&M collab is real!!!! H&M announced it at coachella yesterday :) :) :) :) so excited for itttt

YESSSS alexander wang oh my god 

Anonymous: did u go to deltopia da uddaday?


nopeeeee I’ve been in “the cool grey city of love” to quote the mosaic stairs